Transport Controller

I’m considering integrating some kind of controller, mostly for transport and the listen button on reference tracks, dropping and jumping to generic markers, etc… Scrolling the playback head would be cool. Something like a Contour Shuttle Xpress or a Stream Deck would do everything I want.

But, my understanding is that they all work by emulating keyboards & scroll wheels.

I already have a programmable keyboard. And WL 11 does this weird thing where the keyboard commands just plain don’t work when certain plugin windows are in the foreground, as if they’re capturing them, usually not doing anything, and not letting the keyboard shortcuts actually control anything else.

Is there some setting to stop that from happening?

Alternatively…any ideas for something that doesn’t work by emulating keyboard/mouse? If I have to use the mouse to click on WL, I might as well just click on the control I want.


we have the same issue using midi commands. If one uses a midi command like “Record” and the record window is not in focus, the command will not be executed. If you force the record window to stay in focus and you execute the record commands in a very short order like sending the command very fast after you have stopped the previous recording, the recording will not be executed.
We use WL 11 elements as a security second recordingmachine. But though the Midi commands are offered, they do not behave as expected by the user. Very unprofessional, Could that be changed, please.


MIDI commands acts are key commands. They need a target (a focused window).

a workaround is to use a small midi-keyboard and “generic controller” from Nuendo/Cubase. Then you may assign a certain note from the keyboard to a transport function.
Or: i’ve build my own midi-controller with an arduino and he stops/plays even if nuendo window isn’t active. You may find a lot of stuff related to this at the www.

i’m sorry. didn’t realize that you’ve talked about WaveLab 11. (Didnt know the abbreviation WL11 :see_no_evil: ) Thought that you are talking about Nuendo.
Just checked the manual for generic controller - but it’s not that helpful.