Transport Edit Mode - Invisible cursor?

Hi all!
For a long time want to ask the question : - In the Edit Mode the cursor is not visible in the project window? Just a little dash on the timeline? When play or record mode, it appears in the tracks area. It’s all true? If Yes, what is the meaning of this?

That is as designed, because Edit mode is for moving events while the video track follows.
The cursor would always be “stuck” in front of the event that you are moving, which is pointless.


Hm… i don’t think that the “hidden cursor” is a very good solution!
I almost always have trouble spotting the cursor when i’m editing on a differnt place.
Maybe just make i a bit more transparten or so - sometimes i’m very frustrated with the current solution.

You don’t have any issues like that in different DAWs too :wink: I don’t see the point too make the cursor invisible!
If you nudge a clip to a position, the cursor actually won’t stop you from doing so ?!



The hidden cursor is why I find it hard to use the edit mode. I want to know where I am in the project and the small cursor on the ruler is not helping at all.

Also, is there a fast way to snap point on an event, on project window, other than putting the cursor on the transient? Because I find it hard to see where the cursor bar is when placing snaps in Edit mode.