Transport key commands don't work

It used to be that alt-right arrow would take me to the end of a clip in a montage. Now it appears the key command “, Q” is designated for that function. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work. I’ve tried reassigning it to various other sets of keys, including the aforementioned alt-right arrow, and nothing works. Nor is there a way I’ve seen to advance to the next marker.

This has left me incredibly frustrated, because to top and tail a CD, I need to zoom all the way out and in to the beginnings and ends of each track.

Just me? Any suggestions?

I can’t remember if it was a preset or if I assigned it, but I think it was a preset that SHIFT + ( and SHIFT + ) would go to the next or previous CD track marker. Maybe this helps.

I can’t figure out what the command to go to the edge of the next clip but I use SHIFT + ( and SHIFT + ) to move between the track ID markers in a montage.

In other words, SHIFT + the NINE or ZERO key at the top of the keyboard (not the numeric keypad).

Praise you Justin! Shift+9 and Shift+10 work beautifully. Guess it’s a preset.

No problem. I’ve never checked to see if you can do this with clip edges before you have track markers added, but surely once you add track markers the Shift+9 and Shift+10 work well and is essential for quickly checking things.

It’s something that another popular OS X -only mastering app can’t do and makes doing certain things so slow.

You can navigate to clip edges using Ctrl+PageUp/PageDown.

Thanks, I saw this in the preferences but I couldn’t decipher what the second key stroke was because it was appearing so small.

I don’t have yer fancy PageUp and PageDown keys! Just the stock Apple Wireless keyboard. Unless I’m missing something, which is quite possible!

I can’t speak about the Apple Wireless keyboard because as much as I would like a wireless/re-chargable keyboard, I need to have the numeric keypad to do serious work with my workflow so I still use the wired version.

Anyway, you can re-assign the key commands for “next clip edge” and “previous clip edge” in the Preferences>Shortcut menu and use the keys you have on your actual keyboard.

In the key commands/shortcut area, search for “Clip Edge” and you’ll see it. (picture attached):
Screen Shot 2016-05-26 at 12.59.43 PM.png

I don’t know why I couldn’t find that before! Thank you!

Now I’ve got it back to my old Alt+arrow key.

No problem. I learned something here too. I always used the shortcut to move between markers but I didn’t know there was a shortcut to move to next clip which can be useful in situations where you might not have markers inserted.

I actually don’t like the term at all but I relate it to making sure the start and end of each track is properly addressed.

This means that the start of the song is clean without any noise that may have gone unnoticed and that the track has a clean, smooth, and proper start when you skip to it. Then of course, you make sure the end of the song/track is OK with no extra noise, abrupt cut off, or extra silence that isn’t needed.

Basically, making sure the start and end of the song/track is OK. After all this is done, I re-quantize the CD track makers to the nearest CD frame (using the option in the CD wizard) so that the markers are placed on a CD frame and there are no surprises when you render a DDP or make a CD, and that rendered WAV/mp3 files from the montage match 100% to the DDP version.