I was wondering if any of you hackers (or whatever) know if we can:

  • use the cubase 9 mediabay

  • use the transport bar from cubase 9

  • use the righclick toolbar menu (to when we could adjust its size)

    Also, if there is no other way, would this be something steinberg would even consider sometime in the future? (more customization, previous version skins if you will etc) ?


    (i am still using v9 , but had licenses for all current versions including this one - gotten so used to it…lol)

edited: oh, the transport bar seems doable in this version (compared to when it was first released)… still needs compact mode (stacked - as rightclick tools, also custom rightclickmenu) , but its workable…

  • I did however notice:
    A track that was running smoothly in cubae 9 cannot be played in cubase 11 because of performance… so … cubase 9 has better performnce than cubase 11… i hope you can fix this and make it just as strong in performance as older versions…


No you can’t use these parts of Cubase 9 in Cubase 11, sorry.

Hi Martin:)

Ok, thanks for the info…

  • i wonder if there will be a more modular approach in the future… ( single modules can be activated/deactivated depending on use…)
    (Techno people dont need the scoring module, classical people might not use a beepboop synth, offline daws dont need vstconnect etc)
    (Yes, i know i can simply delete the vstconnect or other modules already) ;)h
    This way the core is perfect/solid, and people can choose how bloated they want to make it… or not;)

(Blender does this for example- in settings, one can activate/deactivate features)

Well, thanks for the info dear martin:)