Transport Not Working on Komplete Kontrol

The Transport section works fine on the Maschine software, but it will not have it with Cubase. Everything is selected as it should be in the settings but it just will not work. It seems others in the past have been working fine then it breaks after Cubase updates. Anybody got to the bottom of this? Thanks.

Mine worked fine out of the box and did not blink through a few updates. What are the details of your setup?

Hi Farfaraway,

I believe these are the 2 main screens to set everything up?

I’ve just notice, that if I press play or activate the metronome in Cubase in responds on the Komplete Kontrol buttons as if it’s received the change, but if I press anything on the KK Cubase is unresponsive.

Hi Charb - sorry, but I am no midi/controller/setup genius. Quite the opposite. I hope the screenshots of my setup help.

Yours looks fine and virtually exactly the same as mine. It should be more or less plug and play, I’m pretty sure it’s a bug in Cubase that others have complained about.

I find Cubase so frustrating these days, literally every project a new problem occurs that has me chasing my tale and fruitless internet searches instead of making music.