Transport Panel Bug Crash

I’m having a very consistent issue on my mobile rig. I’ll often right click the transport panel (sometimes by mistake, other times intentionally) and it seems about 10% of the time the options to edit my transport panel editor will lock cubase up with a critical error. In one case after experiencing this bug it seemed to mess up my license for Halion and Groove Agent on that project. As in, after it occurred neither Halion or Groove Agent would work anymore on that particular project. The Edit Instrument pop up would return a “No License Found” error and all playback from those vsti’s would cease.
I have sent the data from these crash logs to Steinberg.

Thank you!

Hi and welcome to the forum,

Attach the *.ips/dmp file, please.

I bet that the licensing service is crashed. If you restart the computer, it should work as normal again.

I’m experiencing this very same issue.


Attach the *.ips/dmp file, please.

Thanks Martin, I’ve been very busy the past few days. I’ll get those crash logs to you as soon as I can.

I wish that was the case. I’ve done everything I can think of.
Restarting Cubase, Restarting PC, elicense manager refresh and maintenance, uninstalling and reinstalling Cubase, HALion and Groove Agent. Nothing works. If I open a different project or start a new one, no issues. Just that one project.

What should that be good for?


My guess is, there is a problem with one of the plug-ins in the project (on the given track). That’s why did I ask for the plug-ins on the track.

Running maintenance on my eLicenser has fixed issues I’ve had in the past with vsti’s abruptly reporting license issues. I was turning over every stone, so to speak.

I was mostly running plugins native to Cubase except STL tones and I believe one called Wider.
I’m in the middle of a move cutrently, as soon as I have a chance to sit back down I’ll post the exacts.

Here is my dmp file.
Cubase 13.0.20 64bit2024.1.2 (1.4 MB)


Reported to Steinberg. Thank you.