Transport Panel Disappears

My Transport Panel keeps Disappearing when opening the Mix console and
Media Bay… is this because of a setting maybe, or a bug

Im on a iMac 2.4 Ghz Core 2 OSX 10.6.8
Steinberg CI 2+ a Yamaha KX that is plug in to the Mac
Cubase 7.0.5

Stumbled on this issue, recently. When closing the MixConsole, the transport panel was no longer here and the ‘Transport/Tranport panel’ menu option was unticked as soon as the MixConsole was opened.

Setting the MixConsole window as ‘Always on top’ solved it. Not sure that it’s really logical, but that’s the way it is. As a reminder, this isn’t happening with 5.1 or 6.5, whether the mixer is ‘Always on top’ or not. Another regression among several others…

Glad to hear Im not the only one…
My mix Console is on top and it still disappears
also Media Bay but not loop browser :confused:

known issue but Steinberg still refuses to do anything about it !

Got the same thing but it’s intermittent. I haven’t made note whether it’s always the same projects though. Searched through the preference settings but came up with nothing there. Eventually tried “Always on Top” at the mixer but in my case it had no result.

I have a few of these odd intermittent problems. Since I’m not in the habit of tinkering with settings on individual projects, these come and go problems are puzzling.

Here is my take…

I’ve been using Cubase since '92 and since '96 with audio on a Mac. I’ve spent a lot of time chasing these elusive problems only to find it listed as a bug in a later revision.

The first few years of working with Cubase I thought, “This will be great when they work out all the kinks”. Well, it’s never going to happen.

The best we can do is report the bugs, find a work around, and move along. I try not to spend too much time on these minor bugs. They’re highly annoying yes, but they don’t keep you from working.


Incarations of this have been happening since v4.

There are so many things they refuse to do anything about, it’s sickening.

I think I figured out this Transport thing. Try out this procedure…


  1. Close the Transport (F2)
  2. Open the Mixer (F3)
  3. Size and place the Mixer so it extends to the bottom of the screen
  4. Close the Mixer
  5. Open the Transport
  6. Open the Mixer

Your Transport should disappear. To keep this from happening…

  1. Open the Mixer
  2. Open the Transport
  3. Re-size the Mixer so it doesn’t cover the Transport

Now when you open the Mixer the Transport will stay open.

It doesn’t matter whether the Mixer’s “Always on Top” is unchecked or checked. If the Transport is in it’s way, the Mixer will close it.


After checking again, it seems that you’re right, but only if the project window is not maximized. And it seems that the MixConsole CAN cover the transport panel in this case : the transport panel even stays on top of the MixConsole if this one doesn’t have the ‘Always on top’ status.

BUT for someone like me who always uses the project window as maximized, your workaround no longer work. In my way of doing, the only way to keep the transport panel available after opening the MixConcole is to set this one as ‘Always on top’.

About this, there is something new and interesting in C7, compared to 6.5, I admit : even if you don’t set the MixConsole as ‘Always on top’, the project window remains maximized when opening it, which seems a progress to me, but sadly, at the expense of loosing the Transport panel. With 6.5.4, I always use the mixer as ‘Always on top’ for this exact reason : to keep the project window maximized. Seems that it is no more mandatory with C7.

The fact is that I indeed didn’t check at first C7 behavior when the project window is used in an unmaximized state, as I never use it this way…

About Mediabay :

  • in C7, its window behavior is exactly the same as the MixConsole one, as there is also an ‘Always on top’ status that can be defined.
  • In C6.5, the behavior of the Mediabay window is dependent of the project window state : if it is maximized, the Mediabay window doesn’t affect it, at the opposite of the mixer one, but at the expense… that the transport panel also disappears when opening it ! If the project window is unmaximized this doesn’t happen. Not a biggie for me, as I use Mediabay as less as I can.

To sum it up, and as already said, the whole windows management has always been a mess in Cubase : definitely, it’s not the strength of the program…

It must be a Windows version problem. In Mac OS, the maximized project window has no effect on the Transport. So my workaround is only good for the Mac.

It’s been awhile, but in the past when I’ve worked with Cubase on a Windows system, the windows management was a big frustration. I assumed it had more to do with the OS.


I’ve noticed this right since 7.0.0 if I recall. I assumed it was a new “feature” that automatically hid the transport when you opened the mixer so it wouldn’t obscure any of the mixer. Now I’m starting to think it’s more of a bug or a half-baked implementation of this concept.

I just simply open the mixer, then hit F2 and the transport appears.

This has always bugged me. Whenever I open the MIDI Edit window, my transport disappears and I have to hit F2 to show it again. A minor PITA, nothing I can’t deal with.

Let me correct myself. My transport disappears when I open the MediaBay, not when I open a MIDI edit window.

Hi Guys and Gals,

I must be getting old 'cos I never even noticed the disappearance of the transport bar :blush:

When I open the mix console I use the transport controls at the top of the MC, I thought that was what was supposed to happen!

Ah well, another lesson learned from the forums!!

Thanks for the info everyone,

Jim B