Transport panel disappears.

Transport panel disappears often.
There’s no solution. Restarting the program, opening new project, tapping f2 key, all trying doesnt work. Just when time passes by, it appears suddenly.
I’m using C8.5 and Win 10. And heard this thing happens often in other’s computer.
Why does steinberg never patch this bug???

I haven’t seen a bunch of complaints posted for this concern and luckily, I don’t have your issue.

So some thoughts for you to try…

  • Is it getting hidden behind other windows?
  • Are your template(s) saved with the transport to be open?
  • Is the main Cubase window set to “Maximized” or is it sized properly in the “Restored” state? I use the latter.

Regards :sunglasses:

Is cubase in focus when it happens? Usually it’s because you click somewhere outside cubase and usually returns when you click on cubase again. Old bug try to search :slight_smile: