Transport Panel Visibility

I like the new docked transport panel, as I have an ultra wide display. But it’s so annoying that when you maximise an editor window or open the mixer full screen, the panel gets hidden. In which case, you then have to pull up the floating transport panel. :unamused:

It seems Steinberg have only half implemented this feature, as the dock panel remains visible when you open editors in the lower zone, but I seldom have a use for lower zone editing as I like to make use of the full screen.

So, my point, can we please have the docked transport bar visible at all times?!


It works to me here on both ac and Windows. The bottom panel is not hidden.

workaround: with the now-on-a-single-row floating transport, you can permanently superimpose an identical floating transport panel to the lower zone one

I had the same problem, lucky i have the CC121 hardware from steinberg and i do all transports with that. It is very anoing when you press transport in cubase 10, the window swithes to the main window. Offcourse, but it is mostly you want the windows upfront you have, not switching back to the main…

I also have cc121 but I also use the transport panel for many visual cues, such as locators etc. The workaround of using the floating transport bar is clumsy at best.

I would be very nice if these things where picked up by a moderator.