Transport Set to "Start Recording at Cursor" but Doesn't

Newbie here.

In the Transport I have “Common Record Modes” set to “Start Recording at Cursor Position” but when I am on beat three in a 4/4 bar and I hit record the cursor jumps back to the previous bar line then begins recording.

What setting am I missing? Thanks.


In Cubase, you can set Count-In. It seems, it’s activate on your side.


I checked the count-in settings but it is still happening. Unless I am missing something here is what happens:

The cursor is on beat three of a 4/4/ bar. When I hit “Record” the cursor jumps backwards to the down beat of that bar.

I would like recording to begin where have placed the cursor (beat three).

Thanks for all info.


I have two ideas:

  1. Maybe there is some raster-setting (Snap) involved?
  2. Maybe cubase does not allow to start recording WITHIN a bar? (I am not sure, never needed that).



Hi, I tried. No problem with starting record on a certain beat. Look at the snap-options on top of the project window.

HTH, Ernst


Cubase behave like this. Once you press Record, the cursor always jumps to the beginning of the current bar.

Yes, you can definitely start half way (or anywhere) through a bar or not on a beat at all. I don’t think it’s the snap settings though.

The only way I can reproduce this issue is by turning the metronome pre-count click on, then it does go back to the start of the bar (which does make sense to me).

If you want to start recording part way through a bar but want to be in time(!) the easiest solution is to use punch-in.

Thanks everybody!

Here’s what I found:

The “problem” (really a “feature”) has nothing to do with snap settings.

In Transport>Metronome Setup>General>Click Options>Click During Count In

If checked then the cursor (during MIDI recording from anywhere except beat one) begins at the previous barline.
If unchecked then the cursor (during MIDI recording from anywhere except beat one) begins at the cursor.

Thanks for all of your input on this!

Correct, but if you want to record starting mid-bar AND have a count-in, Cubase does not seem to allow this. Not sure why; it would be useful!!


If you use count-in, Cubase always jumps to the bar beginning.