Transport Triggering Instrument Notes

Recently when I stop the transport (on screen or MidI controller) it triggers an instrument note. I then have to do the MIDI>Reset to stop it.

Initially it would trigger a note a The Grand 3. I deleted the instrument and added it back. Problem gone.
The it came back on an OPUS instrument. Deleted and reloaded the instrument (within OPUS) that was triggering. (There were several instruments loaded) and problem did not clear. Reassigned midi instruments starting with MIDI channel 2 instead of 1, and the problem moved to the instrument on MIDI chnl 2.
Quite annoying.
I do use a Panorama P6, but I’ve been leaving it off and using the onscreen transport to troubleshoot.


Do you have any MIDI Remote / Generic Remote activated ? If so, try to deactivate it and see how things go from there. Additionaly, I would check also that there isn’t a MIDI management program working in the background, such as LoopBe1 (virtual MIDI ports).

Another thing to try, maybe, is to relaunch Cubase in Safe mode, using the Disable program preferences option.

Hey thanks, it appears it was a Panorama P6 setting. Internal>Zones. Zones 1 & 4 were enabled. Frankly, I dont even know what they do.

Shucks, this problem didn’t go away. Something is triggering note C0 in OPUS. MIDI IN selection has no effect.
It tool a while for this problem to reveal itself as few instruments use C0
The problem does not happen with their older instrument play_VST_x64.
Opened a ticket with East-West. We shall see…

Getting closer. It’s something to do with loading a keyswitch mapped instrument, then loading and expression map. More to come…

Did you get this issue sorted out? I have the same problem. Stop and some other transport functions trigger an Opus instrument in Vienna Ensemble Pro. However several VEP channels are also showing Midi activity lights… very weird.

Hi and welcome to the forum,

Make sure, there is no Mackie Control involved in the Studio Setup, or it has the proper MIDI Output selected (or Not Connected), please.

Also MIDI Remote could do this.

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Hi Martin, I personally find this advice the best one in such cases, even if it seems obvious to more experienced users.
I remember when I first got my Keylab (not really long ago, in CB10), I set it up to Mackie as instructed, and then I sat there hearing my faders making noise. Took me some minutes (or maybe an hour, can’t remember right now) to realize that even if the midi port for daw usage was assigned to the mackie, I still had to remove it from the inAllMidi. Needless to say that this info came up from visiting this forum :slight_smile:

Even now, I find that in many cases, controllers guidance is missing this crucial information. For example, here’s the guide for my Keylab:

There’s no reference to removing it from the inAllMidi inputs. Sometimes I’m wondering whether there should be some (default) preference in Cubase, so that when we connect ports to Mackies or remotes, at least consume these messages before getting to the tracks’ midi routing. I think that the midi remote does that (at least via scripting, we can instruct it to consume the events be it notes or ccs, but I’m not sure about the assistant), but haven’t really checked it.

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