Transport with Generic Remote vs MMC - Cycle? [SOLVED]

For some reason I need to press Axiom 25 (1st Gen) transport controls twice in order for them to have the desired effect.

Any of you having the same problem? Solutions/ Ideas for troubleshooting?

With Oxygene 88 I don’t have this problem, though it’s set up as a GR the same way as Axiom.

This has been discussed previously: Steinberg Forums …way back when. I did as the people before me and bypassed the problem by using MMC instead of CC:s and Learn with Generic remote. However, I still have Axioms Cycle button left for the Generic Remote and having to be pressed twice. Makes me suspicious about my GR setup (see scap).

Thanks in advance.


Switched things around in GR, see the 2nd Scap. Disabled MMC slave, since GR works now.