Transportwindow F2 toooo wide

The transport window which opens via F2 is a way too wide. Is it possible to show it in two or three rows?


No, it’s not possible.

You can turn off sections of the transport window that you don’t need. That will make it narrower.

:wink: I’m sometimes on my 13" MacBook and I need some buttons/information from this window. At now it’s not very practical (for me).
It was perfect before 10.

BTW … it’s a very great update!

Holy cow! This thing grew large! I have to admit with the newer versions I rarely used transport window (F2), but now I understand your concern.
It has to be scaleable, there is no good reason why it has to be that big and fixed in size!
But they also removed channel edit window scaleing…maybe it was forgotten to be enabled and can be fixed?

The new transport panel is a joke :frowning:

Arranger functions have been removed too. Not only there but anywhere in the software (menu, toolbars, transport window). Evil for live usage of the arranger feature - you must have the arranger edit window open and visible all the time to see which event is playing or to step one event forward/backwards.

Who thought this was a good idea? It is not an improvement. Nor do I have a choice.

Additionally, the controls on the transport for hiding stuff are neither intuitive nor do they conform to any sort of real standard for doing what they are trying to do. I just guess and press and hope.

It was in no way broken, but I guess now it’s “fixed”?