Transpose and Pitch Shift its better in FL Studio and Ableton Live

Speaking about Audio

Im just curious why Transpose and Pitch Shift its better in FL Studio and Ableton Live than at Cubase?

I feel better audio conversion using transpose in Ableton live and FL Studio, the sound lose less quality after change the root key (mostly in FL Studio) which is awesome new improve they recently added. And I say awesome because seems they worked hard to get good audio conversions.

and in Pitch Shift, is the same history, adding than FL Studio and Ableton live can UP to 48 semitones, instead of Cubase than can UP only 16 :astonished: :open_mouth: , and the lose of quality in audio is very notorious using the envelope

My curiosity, is why in Cubase this was forgotten to be improved? Nowadays is a tool very used for creative purposes

I should add, pitch shifting in FL and Ableton can be automated and is real time

As far as I know, both Cubase and FL Studio use élastiquePro v3 for time stretching audio.

Both have been longtime underperformers in Cubase. I’ve never used FL Studio, but Ableton Live, Studio One, and Pro Tools are all better for pitch shifting, and I hear you about the big limitations with Cubase’s system as far as its range and not being able to simply automate it.

He’s referring to the pitch and transposing abilities/sound.

Oh, so it’s not about pitch shifting while keeping the time constant? That uses a time stretching technique.

For changing the pitch as in changing the playback speed I wouldn’t expect a different quality… Maybe someone can record examples?