Transpose chord track progression

I like to hear the ensemble patch connected with the chord track progression in higher registers too.
It seems that this is not possible ?


Select all the Chord Events. In the Info Line, change the Root Key of the 1st Chord to the new one. All other selected chords will follow.


  • You fave the progression: C, Dmi, Emi, F.
  • Select all 4 Chord events.
  • Change the C Root Key in the Info line to the D.
    => You get D, Emi, F#mi, G.
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Yes that’s going to another key.
But i like to hear more easily the ensemble instrument to another register ( in octaves )
So, i could be 3 octaves higher as i saw in my example of c2-c3 chord playing
Note : once in the midi editor of course , i could make edits for the chord progression, but doing this in the chordtrack itself goes faster ( if possible, but it is not).
Perhaps something to do with a macro ?


Then use the Voicing drop-down menu from the Info Line and adapt the voicing there. The very same way, you can change the voicing of multiple Chord events at once.

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Good idea , first there is adaptive voicing as default and then listening i could make a better voice leading.

Remarkable that within the chord track it is not possible to to transpose the chordprogression to another registers c1- c2-c3-c4-c5-c6
When writing a string track i like to listening to the strings in the register i like

This could be a good new feature in Cubase : transposing in registers
Then chancing keys must be possible for a 88 key keyboard… more programming :slight_smile:


Use the Voicing of the Chord Track, please.

Is this on working on one chord after another chord and not on the whole progression?

Note : i do see in the midi editor also a Transpose button!
Makes it easy to transpose chord progressions.


Of course. If you select only one Chord event on the Chord Track, you can change only this chord.

The “MIDI Editor” (I guess, you mean the Key Editor) doesn’t transpose the Chords of the Chord track. It transposes the MIDI data of the MIDI Track.

Some clarification:
Transpose a chord is for changing the key of the arrangement.
Transpose midi data for chords in the keyeditor can be used for a instrument to listen in different register ( just what i needed ).
I am glad it is understood now.