transpose dialog appears mostly off screen



I’m using a dual monitor setup. But when my main project window is located on my secondary monitor, the transpose dialog opens with just the bar showing at the bottom of the primary screen.

When I move the main project window to the main screen of my macbook the dialog opens properly centered.

Any ideas?

You find that this happens only for the Transpose dialog? In general, Dorico opens dialogs centred on the main project window.

OK, we’re narrowing it down:
“Transpose” AND “Add Notes Above or Below” both open in the wrong location.

All of these center properly:
Layout, engrave, notation, project info, preferences, note input opts, playback mixer, transport.

I’m guessing we’re dealing with two different classes of windows or something. I can try others if you give me a list to try opening.


Do you have the same problem if, in the Arrangement section of macOS’s display options, the two screens are side by side rather than on top of each other?

Fascinating. When I arrange the screens side-by-side the problem goes away. I guess that’s a helpful point for troubleshooting. There’s no way I am going to try to re-train my brain to arrange my screens side-by-side permanently. It’ll be easier to train myself to check the bottom of the screen when at first it seems D has locked up. I traverse the two screens a thousand times a day, I deal with the misplaced window just a handful of times.

Having said that, this seems to be a bug, but there are surely more pressing things to fix. I can live with this, for the time being, knowing that it’s on someone’s list. Just to note, this is a new problem introduced with D3.

Thanks, pianoleo