Transpose Dialog keyboard shortcut please

The Transpose dialog is only available from the menu. Please add a command-key shortcut to open the dialog.

The dialog itself should also default to its last setting. The dialog should also not be so large with so much empty space.

I read in the FAQ:

How do I transpose my music into a different key?
From v1.0.10 you can use Write > Transpose. You can also move notes by a diatonic step using Alt+up/down arrow, but this will not change the key of the music.

Adding the Shift key transposes chromatically. Please add that info to the FAQ.

Please also note that searching for “transpose” in Dorico Help brought up 0 results.

You can add a key command for yourself, of course, using the Key Commands page of Preferences.

Thank you! It’s great that user shortcuts are included, but is transposing not considered basic enough to merit its own default shortcut? (I understand that Dorico is conceived as an engraving app rather than a composition tool, and that transpose was a function added after version 1.0)

We may consider adding a shortcut for the Transpose dialog in future, but there’s nothing to stop you from making your own decisions about what constitutes a basic enough function to merit its own shortcut.