Transpose diatonically in different key / transpose in scale


I absolutely love Dorico so far, but I’ve got two small problems.

  1. Let’s say I’m writing a piece in the key of C Major and I’m modulating to another key in bar 2, let’s say E Major. I would like to be able to transpose the notes in bar 2 diatonically (f.e. in thirds). This can’t be done with a single click on write->transpose, right? My current workaround is to specify the new key E Major in bar 2 with Shift+K, transposing the notes and then deleting the key change. This works, but it’s pretty inconvenient, esp. if there are more than 2 key changes in one bar. Am I missing something and there is an easier way to do this?

  2. I want to be able to transpose intervalls following a scale. For example if I’m in E Phrygian, transposing a D should yield an F. As far as I get it, this can only be done by calculating the corresponding major scale (C Major in this case) and then doing the key change/transpose diatonically trick described in 1. Unfortunately, this doesn’t work for non-major/minor scales like diminished/octatonic scales. (which are way more important for me)

If there isn’t a way to do 2.: It would be great to have this feature added to Dorico.

Thanks a lot!

PS: Currently I’m on Dorico 2.2, but I will make the switch soon I guess.

Welcome to the forum, Furexus. I don’t think you’re missing anything: Dorico can only transpose sensibly relative to the actual key of the music. It seems to me that what you’re really after is a kind of pitch mapping operation, where you want to snap the pitches to a specific scale. Would that be a reasonable summary of your requirements?

Hey Daniel, what an honor, thanks for your reply!

Your summary is on spot, yes. Being able to snap pitches to a specific scale would be a huge time saver, esp. if it’s directly accessible via the write-transpose command. That would be a great feature!