Transpose intervals missing from dialog box in 3.5

Using Dorico 3.5, I want to transpose an entire piece up an augmented unison (F to F♯) but it seems like 80% of the options are missing. It only shows 1 quality from each interval. Also, the only notes available for “Calculate interval” are the white keys.

My example:

I can transpose the notes up that interval using the Shift-I popover “ta1” but that doesn’t change the key signatures (and I have several in this particular piece).

I also quit Dorico, used a fresh file, restarted, etc. But it’s still the same.

I opened up Dorico 3.1 and all the correct interval options are there, so this is definitely connected to 3.5.

Thanks for any info


I decided to transpose up a Major 2nd (the only interval of a 2nd I was allowed). Then suddenly, all the options were there when I wanted to transpose again.

But, when I close and reopen, the options are gone again, and I have to transpose something to get them all to show up again.

When I undo the transposition, the options are gone.

Anyway, maybe this is a bug, I’ve attached a diagnostics .zip in case.
Dorico (914 KB)

As far as I can tell there’s been no change in the way this dialog works. Generally speaking you need to set the interval before you set the quality (despite the fact that the quality is listed above the interval in the dialog).
Alternatively, use the calculator on the right side of the dialog. (I don’t understand your point about the calculator only having “white keys”. Do you mean that the Natural/Flat/Sharp dropdown doesn’t work?)

Also, bear in mind that Dorico will only give options that it knows that it can apply to the chunk of music you’ve selected. Is there a chance that the selection you’d made included key signatures apart from F major?

Thanks for the response. I think I figured out what you’re saying. One of the key signatures was G# minor so it didn’t want to transpose it to G## minor, so augmented unison wasn’t an option.

I don’t know what I was doing yesterday, but even a fresh file was listing only the limited options (maybe while the other was still open?). Now when I open a fresh file, all the options are there.