Transpose Key Signature

How do I transpose a score from Cmin to Dmin including the key signature? I am using the latest version of Dorico Pro. Thank you.

You can use the Transpose dialog - if you open it when nothing is selected, the transposition should apply to the whole flow, including a key signature provided it’s selected (either the key signature itself or its signpost for key signatures without accidentals).

Thank you for the reply… So are you saying with know music selected but the key signature selected if I try to transpose the key signature the music changes to the new Key? I tried that and the music stays the same except the key signature changes and adds appropriate accidentals to the music which is not in the new key. Forgive my ignorance but this is confusing to me. Thank you.

Ah sorry, on reflection I think I worded that really badly - either if you’re selecting just a specific part of a flow you’ll need to select the key signature explicitly alongside the music in that passage; or, to transpose a whole flow including key signature, select nothing at all. And then open the Transpose dialog and set the options as required.

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Thank you! That is the answer that I need! Thank you for you time and help!