Transpose not visible on Info Line

I’m using Cuebase 10.5 Elements and I can’t find the transpose option in the info line. I also don’t have any pitch shift under audio processing. Any ideas why? I have all the options checked under display options

Hi and welcome,

Right-click the Info Line and enable the option. If it has been enabled already and you can still see it, it probably doesn’t fit to your Project window size. Resize the window or change the order of the elements in the Info Line Set up Info Line window, please.

I think Pitch Shift process is not part of Cubase Elements license.

When I click on setup, these are the only options I have: Does elements not have this ability? I thought it does?

sample rate
bit depth
offline edits
selection range
left divider
right divider

they are all checked and are visible in the info line, however the “warped/pitched” item, which I assume is the transpose option just says “processing None” in the info line

It’s also worth noting that I can’t adjust any of the items in the info line. I try clicking etc, no option to change, only view


This is Set up Info Line of Sample Editor. Please click the Set up Info Line of Project window. The Transpose function is in the Project window.

Yes, this is when I double click a recorded audio event. I don’t see any option to transpose or pitch up or down. I wish I could attach a screenshot, seems I don’t have permission…


As I said, the Transpose option is not in the Sample Track, but in the Project window. Don’t double-click to the Audio Event. Just select it and set the Transpose in the Info Line of the Project window, please.

That was it! Can’t believe I didn’t see that. Thank you so much Martin