transpose pitch shift - automation is possible?

Hello, I was wondering if in Cubase is possible to make automation of transpose/ pitch shift? to make FX like sweep up or something else…

Like in ableton live ?

jump directly to 0:33 in video

This is possible using the Pitch Shift offline process. It has an envelope tab:

You can also use the Sampler Track for this. It has a dedicated, easier to use pitch envelope, and its AudioWarp feature can be useful for sample mangling similar to what’s shown in the video.

You can make a Sampler Track out of any audio file, any audio event in your project, or even a Range Selection. For example, you could use the Range Selection tool to turn any note in an audio loop into a playable instrument.

but is all like off line processing? the nice thing is than in ableton is possible to do in realtime… so fixes or development of the sound can be easily modified

The Sampler Track works in real time.

If you use Direct Offline Processing with Auto Apply on, it also works close to real time (there’s a very small pause before the changes can be heard). Direct Offline Processing is completely non-destructive, so you can easily undo any changes or remove the pitch shift effect completely without damaging the audio.

You could try using the native Steinberg Pitch Correct plugin. If you set the speed to Off then automate the Transpose then I think this might provide pitch shifting which is online. I haven’t tried it though because I’m not in front of my DAW at the moment.


I see, yes I almost forget than now Off Line processing is renewed and near to be online… but also I see native Pitch Shift is limited to 16 st… most Daws can up to 48 st, which is great to modeling sounds or FX

this is the way to go