Transpose problem cubase 10.5

Hi folks

I’m not sure If this is even possible but, I have a song I’m working on and it’s just too high for me to sing so I transposed It down two semi tones and sang the song but when I put it back to It’s original pitch the vocal Is out of tune completely, I thought It would go back to the original pitch like the rest of the Instruments did but It doesn’t. Am I missing something or can’t this be done?

Cheers all.

Yes this can be accomplished in several ways.

Most likely this is where something incorrect was done. But without any details or specifics about how you tried to do this, it is hard to offer advice on what to do differently.

I highlight all the audio parts and midi parts except the drum track, I set the drum track to Independent I think It’s called so It doesn’t change pitch, I then use the transpose to lower the song two semitones and It plays at the same speed but two semitone lower, I then sing the song but when I put the song back to original pitch the singing sounds completely wrong.

Yeah I kinda understood what you are trying to do overall. But the problem is when you say “use the transpose” that can mean a variety of different things - you know what you mean by it, but I don’t.

Lets try a different approach. After you have done all of that and the vocal sounds bad, can you select only the Audio Event for the vocal. On the Info Line in the Transpose field, what value is it set to?