Transpose problem.


I have a little problem:
I have ha song recorded 1975 on tape, later transfered to wav-file. It´s just me singing and playing the guitar.
In those days before digital tuners , I tuned the guitar by ear (not very accurate , I know). So the music is tuned somewhere between A and A#, so transposing a semi tone doesn´t help. Is there a way to micro tune it ? So I can record some tracks on top of it.
Any tips ??
Thanx for help.

You can use Process Audio>Transpose which has a resolution of a small fraction of a semitone.

To figure out the amount of tuning necessary run a test. Add Fine Tuning to the arrange screen if it’s not visible in the Info line, see pic. If you can’t see the correct field, open the Set Up Info Line which is the gear wheel on the top right. Remember to highlight the audio part. This is low quality, but real time adjustment. Adjust up or down until you know what percentage you need. Return the field to zero.


Highlight audio part
F7 - Opens Direct Offline Process dialog
Untick Auto-Apply
Fine Tune (set parameter to the same figure as test)
Choose MPEX Poly Complex or Poly Complex Formant

If you use the Formant version Cubase attempts to retain the character of voice recording which would otherwise become chipmonk-ish. I find that adjustments of less than a semitone sound generally better without formant shift, but worth the experiment both ways I guess.

thank you :smiley: :smiley: it worked like a charm! :slight_smile: