Transpose Question?

Hey guys. Ive slit out a range of audio in Cubase, I go to the info line at the top and I move the whole split section up by 2 in the transpose box moving me up a whole step.

When it gets to that section it sounds like a country steel guitar bending into the key transpose at that spot
How do you fix that and why is it doing that?


Yes, élastique Pro can do that sometimes. In the Pool, is the algorithm for that clip set to “élastic Pro - Time”? Try changing it to “elastique Pro - Pitch”.
If that doesn’t give satisfactory results, try one of the Standard algorithms instead, or…
“Bounce Selection” on the whole clip…[edit: while transposed…] (or at least, more than you actually need), and do not accept “Replace Events”, drag the bounced clip to a new audio track, put the original clip back to zero transpose, and mute the desired sections.

Besides Vic’s always good advice … I’m wondering if the issue is due to the sudden onset of pitch shifting, since it sound like after that initial ‘steel guitar’ ramp up, it sounds fine.

If so, how about cutting a section longer than you need with an envelop taking the onset volume to nothing and ramping the automation up just where you want the section to start?

I’m hypothesizing, but presumably the pitch shifting will have engaged earlier in the early part where there is no volume due to the automation envelop, and sound right by the time it gets to where you want audio to come in.