Transpose results in C6 Hang

Hi guys.

So far really enjoying C6 (6.02), just ordered Halion 4 ;o)

I have a persistent problem which has left me scratching my head. I have been experiencing C6 hangs when trying to add a transpose track to a project which never had a key set. I did open the project and set it to “C” (which it is) and try again but when I try to add Transpose I simply get a dialog stating “Analyzing…” which sits at 0% permanently. In just a few moments, task manager shows that C6 is not responding (I have to invoke task manager to see this, no messages about C6 not responding). The processor usage for C6 is all over the place from 25% to 0% suggesting it is doing something…

The project is like many others I have, entirely audio, no midi, the vocals have some VariAudio, everything else is just straight with some plugins.

I’ve done the usual optimisations for DAW, running an i7 Sandy Bridge (HT is off), 16GB ram, W7x64, 64 bit C6, jBridge is installed but plugins in this project are all native C6. Audio is a Phonic Helixboard (ASIO). In any other project adding a Transpose Track is instant but this one just sits there at 0%, laughing heartilly at my naivity :smiling_imp:

So what gives? Any thoughts about what I am overlooking?

I would try transposing track by track…your drums probably don’t want to be transposed anyway.

Sure, but I can exclude that lane from the global transpose, if I recall right?