Transpose selection chromatically

I can’t transpose a selection chromatically by using alt+shift+arrow. I’m using a 24-EDO system and I can transpose individual notes by a quarter-tone. Transposing selections does not work.

Shift-Alt/Opt-Up and Down arrows works for me with multiple notes selected in 24-EDO - can you say a bit more about what your selection includes? e.g. any clefs, key signatures etc? Are there accidentals with the required pitch deltas for the destination pitches after transposing in the tonality system?

I’m using no bars, no time signatures. All accidentals were defined with their pitch deltas in the tonality system, created by me. I use Stein-Zimmermann notation.

It might be helpful if you can share the project (or a version of it with the tonality system in place and a few notes that still demonstrate the problem).

Here you go. Select all notes and use alt+shift+arrow.

transpose not working.dorico (848.5 KB)

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And thanks in advance for the support. I love Dorico, the project. But it always gets in the way of my composing… I wish it could take a huge leap towards becoming the very best and most stable!

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Works for me. Did you change any shortcuts?


It works for me on single notes… NOTE: I’m trying to transpose by quarter-tone.

Alt-Shift-Up/Down works here, in that it always does something, regardless of whether I select one note, four notes or the whole passage.

I recognise that if I select the first five notes and hit Alt-Shift-Down I get a different result to what I get if I select the first six notes and hit Alt-Shift-Down, but in both cases they’re actually transposing by a quarter tone (just spelling the result differently). If I select the first seven notes (or more) then Shift-Alt-Down seems to transpose by a tone.

I’m not sufficiently clued up on tonality systems to figure out exactly what’s going on, but is there a mismatch: some sort of combination of divisions and accidentals and pitches that give a situation where one (or more) of the notes in the selection can’t be transposed down by a quarter tone?

It works, in principle, but I do see some inconsistencies. Shift-alt-up/down is supposed to transpose by a chromatic semitone (one might argue: why not quarter tones in this case, but anyway). When I move the passage up or down a few times, the relative intervals, including the microtones, are kept, which is very good. But the number of steps Dorico transposes it is a bit random.
The passage starts with A. Moving it up repeatedly with Shift-Alt-up yields Bb-B↓-B-C-D-Eb-E↓-E (↓ meaning 1/4 flat).
Moving it down gives G-F-E-E↓-Eb-D-C.
That’s not quite chromatic: a few whole steps, a few quarter steps.

Edit: I only transposed the whole passage. Seeing Leo’s results makes everything even more puzzling.

It is supposed to move a single octave division, which in this case would be a quarter tone. See Changing the pitch of individual notes

Ah, I didn’t know that, thanks for pointing out.

Try to import this one: (4.3 KB)


Your Tonality System is missing some intervals

Thanks Jesele. That’s it! I needed to add the double-sharps and double-flats from regular 12-EDO… Will explore this further.

I simply duplicated the built-in 24-EDO, changed the name and the accidentals that differed.


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