Transpose several midi tracks in one go


I have a project with several midi tracks and 1 audio track. My goal is to transpose all the tracks and export the project in wav. I know I can’t transpose the audio track, infact I already recorded that track in the all the keys I need.

Now for the midi tracks. I know that I can easly move up/down the midi, but is there an option to move aaaaaall the midi notes in all the tracks up/down of 1/2/3 etc… semitones, with few clicks?

I own Cubase Element 9 on a Mac. Thank you so much for helping


I’m not sure this is part of Cubase Elements. In Cubase Pro, you could use Transpose track.

In Cubase Elements you can select all MIDI and transpose at once. Then you can select all audio and transpose in the Info line at once too.