transpose suggestion

Hi All. I don’t often post here but I had a thought for improvement the other day for the transpose feature in Cubase.

So when you have the info line at the top and you have an audio event selected you can use the mouse and pitch the audio up and down.

However when doing so this defaults to the time stretch algorithm which you can choose but I don’t want to choose that kind of thing but to have it pitch sometimes like it does when you bring up the “pitch shift window” where you have a check box for time stretch pitch or none (which lengthens or shortens the audio depending weather you go up or down in pitch, when you have none)

The feature I want if you haven’t guessed already? Is a little check box in the transpose black box in the top info lane. That be a very nice feature indeed if added

thanks for your time reading and I hope others will agree be a nice small touch for a slightly speedier work flow.

By the way if this can be done already via this small window and its a setting let me know I did look in manual but didn’t see anything outside of the pitch shift section to do it this way but I may have just missed it?