TRANSPOSE TRACK after you started a project?

I am mid-project and wanted to try out the Transpose function by using the transpose track.

However it won’t let me assign a root key when I inserted the Transport track.
I read a bit up on it in the manual, so now I am wondering is this something I should have done before I started the project?
How does one really know when starting a new composition that you will decide later on to transpose?

Is there any way I can use this Transport track mid-way through a project?

Any suggestions on how I can carry out my transposition (up one whole tone) in the most efficient way?

Thanks for any assistance!

Ahh, Midi Modifiers…That might work. :nerd:

Ohhhhh, got it now.

One must set the Project Key Root in the Project bar before.

This feature blows me away. Cant believe its that easy when two weeks ago I did the same this in Logic but had to manually change every midi track… :unamused:

Yes, it helps when the software company updates their software at intervals of less than 4 years. :wink:

I never dared to dream that in the past…

I did exactly what you’re trying recently and it worked a treat. Apart from setting the Project Root Key you need to:

  • In the main project window, make sure you’ve not set any root key changes for individual events .

  • In the Pool, set the root key and most appropriate pitch-shift algorithm for each file. While you’re at it, you might as well set the Time Signature.

  • In the main project window, you also need to check that only musical events have Global Transpose set to Follow. You’ll probably want to leave rhythm tracks as Independent.

You can now transpose the whole project by changing the Project Root Key. You won’t need the transpose track unless you’re doing it mid-project.

That does require you set the root key at the start as it needs to write this info into the events but you can get around it by right clicking the transpose track and “set root key for unassigned events”

Edit: you can then delete the transpose track and just use the root key at the top

Ooh, didn’t know that, sounds a bit quicker. Thanks.

Yeah, it was super easy to just set the root key from the project bar and then use the Transport track. Literally 5 clicks and you’re off…