Transposed parts not showing transposition

Hello there –
I’m formatting parts for an orchestra project. The score is without key signature, and I assumed the B-flat clarinet parts would show the transposition when I chose Edit > Transposed Pitch. That didn’t happen, and I’ve been navigation through various posts trying to get a clearer understanding of how Dorico handles transposing parts. I did import this score as a Music XML file from Finale, so I followed the suggestion of deleting the embedded C major key signature. I also checked to make sure there was no transposition override assigned to the part. And I went to Layout Options > Players and made sure “Transposing Layout” was selected for the part. One thing I didn’t do yet was assign the key signature of “atonal” to the score – from what I read it sounded like deleting the C major key signature embedded in the Music XML file would be enough. (Perhaps I’m wrong about that?) In any case, none of that worked, and the clarinet parts (and horn parts, for that matter) still showed their untransposed version.

The only thing that has worked so far has been to use the transposition override function (Setup > right panel layout name > right-click “Clef and Transposition Overrides”) and create a transposition override, with “Written middle C sounds as: Bb3.” Does this sound like a correct approach?

Thanks for any tips!

If you do not put the composition/section into a specific key, Dorico should use accidentals rather than key signatures to reflect transposing instruments.

The obvious thing to do is to change the instruments from the left panel of Setup mode (click disclosure arrow to the left of the player, click the disclosure arrow to the right of the instrument > Change Instrument).

Instruments imported via MusicXML are special custom-made instruments and may or may not have the correct transpositions built in.

Thanks, Leo. That’s what I needed to do – change the instrument. That solved it. The instrument must have come in without an associated transposition. Thanks again!

As a footnote, in general I’ve found the parts preparation in Dorico to be fantastic. I don’t think I’ve ever actually enjoyed formatting parts before (!). Besides this small transposition hiccup, it’s gone very smoothly.

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