Transposed parts

I have a score for brass ensemble - 4 parts A,B,C & D. The score is not transposed and A & B are in treble clef, C & D in bass clef. My problem is with part D which requires treble clef parts for Bb & Eb Basses and a bass clef part for Bass Trombone. With the two bass instruments in treble clef Bass Tbn also shows in treble. When I change it to bass clef (with Notations-Clef) the others also change to bass clef. It must be a clef thing as I have part C in Bb for Euphonium and Eb for Tenor Horn. What am I doing wrong?

Create a new Part Layout and assign your D Player to it. Then use Clef and Transposition Overrides to change the Clef.

Craig_F Thanks for your reply. The problem seemed to be that I had assigned Part D in the score to the Bb Bass, and the Eb Bass & Bass Tbn were new Part Layouts. I have now changed Part D in the score to Bass Tbn, and treated the Bb & Eb parts as new Part Layouts, and that has worked. Thanks for your help.

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