Transposed pitch with divisi, bug?

Hi, maybe it has been asked before but I couln’t find it.
When switching to Transposed Pitch the first section gets the correct key but the others are a quint too high.

Is this a bug?

Update: I found an “issue resolved” in the 2.1 version history:
Issue resolved.PNG
And another one:
Issue resolved 2.PNG
That doesn’t appear to be the case.

Yes, I’m afraid that we fixed the bug one way, and then broke it another: the divisi staves are now taking their key signatures from the wrong instrument. I’m sorry for the inconvenience. This problem will be fixed in the next update.


Does this issue fall into this category?

I have a clarinet staff, that goes into Divisi. Everything looks correct with the instrument except that it is acting like it is in a different key. The A is show with the natural sign all of the time. The Eb (which is not in the key), omits the flat, but a E natural always shows the natural.


I can’t make comprehensive sense of your example, Robby. Is only the final bar of the system actually divisi, and the rest unison? There’s no signpost or labels showing to make it clear. If you could cut down the project to the smallest example that reproduces the problem and attach it here that would be helpful. I feel like a broken record saying it over and over, so please accept my apologies, but we really can’t diagnose anything beyond the most basic problem from a screenshot. If you’re going to take the time to make a screenshot, please take a little bit more time to produce a cut-down example of the problem (delete some flows, delete extra players, use Shift+B to remove bars, then do Play > Playback Template to re-set the playback template to further reduce the file size) and attach the actual project. If you had, I could have given you an actual answer, instead of typing hundreds of words asking for more information. Thanks.

Sorry Daniel,

I should have known better. E-mail sent with the file and thread reference. Thanks for looking into this. To add against the e-mail I sent… the screen shot from above is from the part layout. There is a discrepancy between the part and score.