Transposed score button wont work

I suddenly find my self in the very odd situation that the “concert pitch” and “transposed pitch” buttons have no effect on the score (or parts, for that matter). I have checked the layout options; each player checks “transposing layout”, but the full score wont let me check. I.e. I can check it, apply it, but when I’m opening layout options again, it’s unchecked. (don’t remember if this is normal behaviour, just want to mention it)

I’m a daily user of Dorico, have never experienced this before - is there perhaps something new i D.5.0.20 I have missed?

-Jan Martin Smørdal

Sounds very odd. Just out of interest, could you record a screen grab of this happening?

After letting my computer on for some hours, this problem disappeared (!). But, now I suddenly can not change the instrument order; leaving the second violin just above the contrabass. See the attached video.
There must be som kind of bug here @dspreadbury - any idea about this double strangeness?

Is your project set to automatically sort the instruments, or not?


Does it stay like that if you close and re-open the project?

Whenever weird things start happening, it’s often a good idea to do a reboot, just to shake the dust out.