Transposed score

Is it possible to show some players as transposed and not others?

For example, I have tenor saxophone and double bass. I would like to show the tenor in concert pitch but the bass transposed. It’s currently showing at sounding pitch. Thoughts?


I think you can write whatever you want (remember that you can apply a key signature to a single instrument, using the shift+K popover, and using alt+return), so the real problem would be to transpose the playback of some players. It should be doable but I am not experienced enough with HALion to tell you how !

Normally simply setting Edit > Concert Pitch should do the job, since the tenor sax will then show in concert pitch, and the double bass uses an octave transposition regardless of whether the score is shown in concert or transposed pitch.


WOW, I didn’t know it would be so easy to change Key Signature of just one staff. I used this trick for a part for young clarinetists (playing experience less than one year) that are being combined with string orchestra. I took their original part in the key of A Major and did a Shift-K, [Key of Bb] then alt/opt-Return and Voliá, staff is now showing Key of C for them and appropriate sharps for each note throughout the entire piece. A real time saver! (Obviously as they mature more they will need to read the “real” key signature with appropriate sharps, but this will allow them to learn the music more quickly in this circumstance)! :smiley:

UPDATE - Learning by playing with D … just figured out I can also do the Shift-K popover and type “atonal” then alt/opt-Return, which does the same thing above - no sharps in key signature but necessary sharps throughout the piece .
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