Transposing a clip faster

Hi all!
Is there a way to transpose audio files (in the project window) with a key command (like transpose +1 semitone)?

I can only transpose the audio files by selecting them and then with my mouse wheel, and that’s not very practical.


You can use the command Edit Info Line and then tab to the transpose fields. Don’t know if that’s *faster * for you, but it’s probably less cumbersome.

Thanks Steve!
This could be a nice starting point! :wink:
But… I would like to be able to make two key commands: “-1 semitone” and “+1 semitone”.
There must be a way to construct this with a macro or…


I guess you’re on Mac. The hint is the style of the Window title, a fraction of which is visible in your screen shot.

I’m pretty sure the only way would be using Keyboard Maestro or similar.

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Mac it is, Sherlock! :wink:

I was hoping the new Logical Editor (in Cubase/Nuendo 12) would make this audio transpose thing possible…

Actually, I think you can use Favorites in Direct Offline Process.

Check this out:

You can bind keystrokes to the favorite in the Key Commands dialog


Wow, thanks Steve!!
And with the different algorithm settings, it gets even better!!


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