Transposing a score with an existing key change

I have a relatively simple string score that beings in A♭ major and ends in A major. I’d like to globally move the key down a half step, so it begins in G major and ends in A♭ major.

Is this possible to do with one visit to the Transpose dialog? Doing a global transpose by -1/12 gets me a G major key signature moving to a G# major key signature (complete with F double sharp :woozy_face:).

If it’s not possible, would it be possible to implement a “common sense” transpose feature? A human given these instructions (“transpose this whole score down a half step”) would never do what Dorico is doing.

No, I think you’ll have to do it in two steps. But I agree that some keys are more useful than others.

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Thanks, @PjotrB.

Right now the current transpose workflow feels to me like an “advanced” version of the feature. Would love to see if a more “common sense” version could be implemented that would interpret a given score transpose command like a human would. And if the results are not in fact what the user intended, they can get more granular with the feature as it currently stands.