Transposing a track thru Inspector

I remember in Cubase 3 i think there was the slider in the Inspector for each MIDI Track to be Transposed up and down
but now i cant find it in 6 nor in 4…yes i know of the MIDI function Transpose but this one was better since you can
transpose the Tune but still play the same keys on the Keyboard…anyone have any clue on this?

Thank You!

Right click in the Inspector and choose MIDI Modifiers to show.

Thank you Sir!

You’re welcome. :sunglasses:

One Question instead of opening a new Topic, i upgraded from C4 to C6…
there was only a very small Box with the DVDs and not a single Manual.
Does anyone know why and how do i obtain one?

Thank You!

Manuals can be accessed from the Help menu. There are no printed manuals in Cubase 6, however you have the option to print what you need from the pdf files.

I too miss the printed manuals.
Oh well! Videos are also kool.