Transposing all flows at once?

I had to transpose lots of flows in the same way. I didn’t find a way to select all flows and transpose them in one go. Am I missing something?
Another observation: the transpose menu forgets my entries, so I had to enter the same transposition for every flow again. Would be helpful, if Dorico would remember the last transposition - at least in the same file.

+1 for a mechanism to select things across flow borders…

Actually I only needed to transpose every flows, because I was missing a special instrument transposition. An option to transpose an instrument to any transposition would be very welcome too.

This would be great!


Just thought I’d bring this up again, assuming nothing’s changed: I’d love to be able to select the music in all flows at once and perform a variety of actions, such as Transposing. It’s a bit of a pain to have to apply the same function to 10 or more flows.

Me too.