Transposing and clefs

I’m new to orchestral transposing instruments. I am engraving a piece for a colleague for piano and bass clarinet. He writes the piece in concert piece for bass clarinet, assuming that it is trivial for me to transpose with Dorico, and also, he wants to retain the full concert pitch score.

So, I have sections where the bass clarinet goes into bass clef, but of course it must all be in treble in the transposing view. My question is this - how can I remove the bass clefs and keep all the clarinet in the treble clef, but retain the bass clef in the concert pitch view?

I know there is Edit->Notations->Clef but I confess to not understanding what to do.

I think what you want is most easily achieved by changing the bass clarinet instrument to its ‘B Flat Bass Clef Concert Pitch’ variant (in Setup Mode); this should take care of the lion’s share of cases.

For the remaining situations, you can set the ‘Show for transposition’ property for any explicit clef.


I don’t understand. The clarinet is in some bass clef and some treble. Also, I simply don’t understand what ‘show for transposition’ means, or how you access that. I know I am very dumb in this area. I’m aware that this may be a somewhat unusual requirement.

A sample of what I have:

Would like to preserve this in concert picth view, but all treble clef in transposed view.

The reason for this strange request is they will be playing off the full score, both players, and it is rhythmically complex New Complexity School type music, and it’s hard to play from parts accurately.

You can use the bass clarinet variant that @Alexander_Ploetz mentioned, but for the violin clefs set the property (properties panel) to not show when the layout is transposing.

I still don’t understand. It should be in treble clef, not bass as I understand it. More confused than before I asked. i wish I could see some sort of example of how people do this.

As I understand you want it to both use bass and treble clef in concert pitch, right?
So chose the instrument that was recommended to you above to start out. Then, apply clef changes in the concert pitch score where appropriate. Then, chose to not show these clef changes in transposing scores in the properties panel.
I am not at my computer right now, but this should work.

I tried the suggested instrument player type. It’s not what I want. The part ;alternates between bass and treble a lot.

Did you try our suggestions?
You have to write in treble clefs, yes. But in the properties panel set the option to not show them in transposing layouts!

None of this makes any sense to me. We can close the topic as I don’t want to waste any more time for people. It’s a total limitation of my understanding. Thank you for the suggestions anyway.

I think this is what people are suggesting… (see the clef changes are hidden in the part)
bass-clarinet.dorico (385.2 KB)

You could do this with one of the Bass Clar options but would have to hide the restated treble clefs in the part.

It’s really not that hard: