Transposing chords

I have a question about chords.
I made a piece for clarinet and flute, and want chords for the accompanist.
The piece goes to F-major, and the clarinet notes are therefore transposed to G.
The problem is that also the chords on the clarinet notes are transposed. I want the notes in G, and chords (untransposed) in F major.
Is this possible?

Yes it’s possible. I set Dorico to Concert Pitch, then set key signatures on the clarinet staff by holding alt while pressing Enter. (The alt will make this only affect the clarinet rather than all staves). This will give the correct key signature but not transpose the Chord Symbol. It’s a bit unusual, but possible. (If the piece is already written, you will have to manually move the clarinet notes up one step by selecting all in the clarinet staff and using alt-up arrow).

Thank you!
I willl try that!

Frivo, I’m curious why you would want the clarinet player to see the untransposed chord symbols. I don’t recall being asked for this before, and I’d be interested to know the context in which the player would prefer the chord symbols to be written in concert pitch.