Transposing (dynamic parts) for same instrument


is there any way (or will there be an option for this added in the near future) to have transposing parts?

For instance: I have a trumpet in C but I also want the part to be played by another player with trumpet in Bb.
Same for Euphonium, Tubas, Baritones and such. They play in several keys and transpositions in various countries. It was very easy to do so in Sibelius but I can not get it done in Dorico…

I understand it can be done via an elobarate work around but that can’t be the point of a notation program I guess. Or am I missing something here?

There’s no direct way to do this at the moment, but it is something that we hope to be able to add soon.

Thanks for the reply. It’s a shame such an (imho) basic function in scoring and creating parts for players isn’t available yet. The concept of players holding different instruments (doubling) in Dorico is nice but a basic concept of one part being played by different players seems as yet ‘exotic’. Too bad…

One man or woman’s basic feature is another’s exotic, never-needed feature. I’m sorry that Dorico doesn’t yet have something that you need, but we definitely plan to add it.