Transposing instruments (Bass Tuba Eb and Bb, Bass Clef)

Setup instruments: Looking for Eb Bass Tuba and Bb Bass Tuba, written in Bass Clef. - A custom layout with transposition overrides doesn’t always do the job, because the ranges / parts are different. So I would like to have different parts in the score.

Sorry, is the issue that you want to include two instruments in your score, both Eb bass tuba and Bb bass tuba, or that you want to write for only one of those instruments in the score, but then have separate parts for both of those instruments, containing the same music?

The first

Thanks for the clarification. Right now, Dorico’s “bass tuba” instrument is simply an alias for the regular tuba instrument. Could we possibly be dealing with a terminology problem here, and the instruments you’re looking for are shown by Dorico as “Bass in B flat” and “Bass in E flat”?

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Yes Indeed! Thank you, and they are listed as Brass!