Transposing instruments in concert pitch in strange transp

I cannot explain this…

Have you tried Setup mode >instrument panel > Instrument menu> Change instrument ? In the instrument picker, there usually are different options for how those instruments are displayed (octaves, clefs)…

yes. That is what I did when I added the instrument. It has happened already several times with transposing instruments… a nuisance…

Are you in galley mode? What do the staves look like in Page mode?

the notes right, but the key induces mistakes

…and by the way, when there is a key change, on the clarinet line it is not aknowleged…

If you can share the project by adding the Dorico file to this thread, that would help people work out what’s going on.

It could be an override to this instrument’s transposition set in the layout. It could be the instrument’s underlying transposition is incorrect in some way (and changing it in Setup mode, as Marc suggested, is therefore necessary). Are you viewing this layout in concert or transposed pitch? Etc.

2022-10-04 16-21-57_Die_Fledermaus_-_Ouverture uniorchester WS 2022 fook.dorico (3.1 MB)

I found a way to override the problem applying the key signature on the problem staves, but this is only a patch…

The key signature belonging to the Euphonium 2 staff is local (i.e. only apples to that staff) – select it in Write mode, and press Delete, and it’ll return to following the global key signature (A major).

Your horns also have a local key signature; if you wanted to show a key signature for them, change the instrument type to the variation of Horn in F that shows key signatures.

For your combined staves, ie the ones with chords that are played by multiple different performers, you could also look into Dorico’s condensing feature, which allows you to have separate parts for each horn, trombone etc but still show them on combined staves in the full score.

You appear to have entered a whole bunch of local key signatures, which is really messing things up. Get rid of them, let Dorico do its stuff and all will be well.

(Gazumped by Lillie once again!)
But to reiterate, it’s not just the initial key signatures that are local, there are many throughout the score at key changes.

where do I find if the Key Sigs are local or global?

When you select a key sig all other key sigs at that point should turn blue (ie they are all connected). Any that remain black are local.