Transposing issue


I know that when transposing a section of music and the key signature, you have to highlight the music and key signature, and then go to the transpose window in the “write” tab on the menu, but I was curious, how do you highlight a key signature with no flats or sharps? I am trying to do that right now, and when I pull up the transpose window, the “transpose key signature” is grayed out. Thanks for the help.

View > Signposts > Key Signatures. If there’s a key signature, you should see a red signpost that you can select along with the music.

If there’s no key signature at all, add one! Dorico assumes you’re in open/atonal, rather than assuming C major/A minor.

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I did have C major as the key signature, but I had the signposts hidden, and it now it works, thank you!