Transposing midi.

Hi, is it possible to transpose midi without moving the actual midi note? I’ve tried a few ways to transpose…transpose midi set up in the midi menu and the transpose track but each time it moves the midi note which then triggers something else via the key switch thingy…
so is it poss please… :slight_smile:

I think each MIDI track has a transpose setting that transposes the MIDI before it sends it to the instrument (without changing the notes on the track).

Thank you, gonna look into it… :slight_smile:

Ok…so tried midi modifiers, changing root key, transposing from the info line, transpose track and transpose midi set up, each time the midi note started to trigger something other than the thing I want to trigger…also tried control+right click on the midi note…
doesn’t seem to be possible…gonna have to render it and use the transpose track I s’pose…

You may be able to use Expression Map: (see your OM version for best info)

This way notes are not transposed. Also, you can select the notes on the track and use the info line to set them to “independent” (I’m pretty sure that works, but not positive and not able to try it now).

You might also record the actual switches on a different MIDI track and set that to “indy” so it won’t transpose

Some patches allow you to “import key switches” which can be a big help.

Good luck.

Thanks mate…

Just select the MIDI Part(s) in the Project Window. Then on the Info Line change the Transpose field. Now the Part will play transposed but if you look at it in the Key Editor the notes will be at their original pitch.

Thank you my friend…sorry it took a while to answer…Christmas to blame… :slight_smile: