Transposing parts of a medley

I often have the problem of having to adapt medleys to the vocal ranges of different singers. It often makes more sense to transpose individual parts into different keys than to transpose the whole medley.
However, transposing individual parts of a work is very laborious in Dorico, because you can only transpose the key if you transpose the whole work or if there is a change of key in the transposed part. Only then do you have the option of clicking on the Transpose key signatures box. Otherwise it does not work (see screenshot).
If I want to change the key of a part of a medley, I have to change three things separately: Pitch of the notes, chord symbols and key signature. This is cumbersome. Does anyone have an idea how to make this easier? Does anyone know why it is not possible to click on the box mentioned (see above) in this case? Should I post a corresponding feature request?
Attached is also an example file in which I want to change the key of part A to D-minor.
B3 A Höhner - Kasalla.dorico (1.1 MB)

It sounds as though you’re selecting by clicking a bar of the top stave, at the start of the selection, then shift-clicking a bar of the bottom stave at the end of the selection (or the bottom stave at the beginning and the top stave at the end). This only selects objects that are attached to staves.

Key signatures and chord symbols are system objects. In order to select them you either need to be using a marquee selection (click and drag, ensuring you’re drawing a box that includes them), or better, use the System Track and the little square that becomes available at the end of the selection.

If you use the correct selection type in the first place, everything on the staves, any key signatures and chord symbols will be selected in one fell swoop, and the Transpose dialog will allow you to transpose key signatures.

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@Inschrift, Thomas additionally, if you have a piece in C Major or a Minor, give them the appropriate key signature at the beginning. Otherwise you won’t be able to also transpose the key signature.
ps., I didn’t look at your example file, as I am writing from the phone…

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Thank you so much, pianoleo. That solved the problem.