Transposition Help


2 Different scenario of transposition I am having trouble with.

#1 started a new score with 1 player. Tenor Sax. I input the music for tenor sax, but that music is considered concert key by Dorico. How can I make the music as input the transposed Key?

#2 started a new score with one player “voice”. How can I change that player/instrument to Tenor Sax?


  1. If you want to display a layout transposed, go to Layout Options (Cmd/Ctrl+Shift+L) > Players > tick the “Transposing layout” option.
  2. Setup mode, Players panel. Select the player you wish to change, clich the arrow on the left to expand, click the arrow on the instrument, click Change instrument.

There’s also Write > Input Pitch > Written Pitch/Sounding Pitch, which can be helpful if you’re using a MIDI keyboard to play in a part that’s already transposed (or if your brain happens to work like that).

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Hello, #1 I have tried this at your suggestion but this seems to be the same as just clicking “transposed Pitch” in the edit menu. The issue is that I entered the music already transposed for tenor, on a player that was selected as Tenor sax but its treating that as concert pitch. I want what I entered in Cmaj to be the transposed pitch for Tenor, and have the concert Key be the corresponding transposed key for C instruments. (Bb I believe) Currently it give what I entered in Cmajor as concert key and transposed key of Dmaj. Will try your suggestion for #2 now. Thanks!

thanks that could be helpful in other cases, so good to know, but on this one I am just inputing with the mouse. :slight_smile: Thanks!

If you’ve already entered your (transposed) music while in concert pitch view, you can use Write - Transpose and move it down a major 2nd (or for tenor sax I guess will be a major 9th). Then switch to transposed view and you should be fine.

Ok cool, thats sort of what I ended up doing. only problem seems to be that that in the Bb transposition the note are 2 octaves about the the lines, and I transpose down the Bb transposition it also transposes the concert pitch, which in turn brings it well below the lines. Please see images of staff with no octave trasposition.

I originally thought that since I set the only player as tenor sax that when I input it would be the music for the tenor sax. So I guess I still need to select tenor sax from the drop down menu to directly input the Bb music?

There are various different Tenor Sax instruments available in the instrument picker.

Try using the Change Instrument function

and see which of the Tenor Sax instruments serves your needs.

That’s what should happen - the tenor sax is written a major 9th (an octave plus a tone) above concert pitch. If you need something other than the normal behaviour, as Leo says there are different tenor sax instruments with various transposition options.

You could as should suggest input the music directly into the sax part by choosing it in the menu, but you can do it from score view as well by making sure you have Transposed Pitch selected before you start. You might want to be in concert pitch to input an arrangement quickly from a concert pitch source, or you might want to be in transposed pitch to input material that’s already been written - Dorico can’t be expected to guess which.