Transposition of a piece into the score

I was just trying to transpose a piece … but how do you do it in the score?

1 - I have set the Project Root
2 - I have added a Transposition Track
3 - Select all the Parts of the Instrumental Tracks
3 - Right click on the Transpose Track and “Set root key for unassigned events”
4 - I change the Project Root … the sound result is ok
5 - I visually check in the Key Editor with the appropriate key “Indicate transposition” and it is ok. Note Events have been Transposed

But nothing changes in the score!
I try to change the key Signature in the staff but nothing!
The notes stay there!

I understand that the notes remain in their original pitch and that there is a MIDI Transformer globally … But Cubase, after all these clicks, should give you the option to “actually move the notes”. The score would benefit!

Some idea?

My idea would be to avoid doing so. :pensive:
If it worked as you wish, in my opinion your score would end up being a total mess!

My suggestion is to change the transposition in the Score Editor itself, not at the project root.

Sorry, I guess this is not the answer you expected.

But does the score change only the display?

Maestro, I’m missing something, what are the right steps to transport a piece to the score, to listen to it and see it correctly?

How you do it?

I would transpose by changing actual notes in the score in the following ways:

Using Transpose Setup
1- Open the Score Editor showing the staves you want to process (or in the project window select the parts)
2- For transposing the whole score, do not select any event in the score (otherwise select specific notes)
3- Use the project menu: MIDI>Transpose Setup

Changing Pitch using Info Line
Simply select all the notes you want to transpose in the Score Editor then use the Info Line and change the Pitch (of one).

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Thank you Maestro

These were the other two options that I discarded! In order not to manually change the Key on the staff (on the staves) and not to manually intervene on “some” (too many) momentary alterations that the scale correction does not solve.

I wonder what function the Root Project and the Transposition Track have for the score, just for a sound result?

in this case you can use your method.

I thought you precisely wanted to …


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Yes Master,

I wanted to move the Notes, the Key to the Staves and that the Accidents were wisely corrected … Transpose!

Anyway now it is clearer to me how the 3 options work (Root Project, Transposition Track, Transpose Setup).

Transpose Setup is ideal, but it still doesn’t correct the Accidentals well, (perhaps because there are too many Scale changes in the piece and I would have to transpose in pieces) and (unfortunately) the manual change of the Key on the staves remains.

Last thing: Transpose setup does not transpose the Chord Track! I have to manually rewrite this too.

Thanks 1000

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Could it also be used for the score in the future?


I may have another solution following the method you described in your original post.

Try this:

  1. Use the Transpose Track to transpose your piece
  2. In the Score Editor activate Display Transpose in the Toolbar
  3. In the score double-click the first key signature to open the Edit Key dialog
  4. In the Edit Key dialog set the Transpose value to the same value (semitone) you set in the Transpose Track

Result : now all your key signatures are proportionally transposed in your whole piece and your notes sound correctly, at the displayed pitches in the score.

screenshot if needed


Let me know if it works as you wanted.

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Sounds like a good procedure … but I’ve already transposed everything!

I will definitely try this procedure at the next job.

You and alin89c are a point of reference, you give me so much, you are super wonderful, thank you!

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