Transposition warning for voices

Greetings all-- twice now I’ve received transposition warnings for scores that consisted of:
1 “voice”
1 “choir reduction”

I did not touch the transposition setting. I go to print and it warns me because I’m in concert pitch. Is this a bug? Or am I just missing something? (Which I have been known to do on occasion, lol.)

Dorico doesn’t disriminate over whether or not the instruments in the specific layout are transposing or not. If it’s a part layout, and it’s set to concert pitch, it’ll warn you.

It’s because I was printing from the voice part layout. That explains it. I don’t normally do that, hence I don’t normally get the warning (hence my confusion). I just chuckled to myself because a score that only comprises voices obviously doesn’t have a “transposition” in the instrumental sense. Thanks!